Sorbfil Automatic Sampler (APA 2)

Sorbfil Automatic Sampler (APA 2)

Automatic sampler (TU 4215-022-16943778-2004) is designed for automated application of samples of standard and tested solutions as lines or dots on Sorbfil plates.




The width of the processed Sorbfil plates is up to 200 mm. The maximum amount of the applied sample is 10 μl. The number of samples is up to 24. The application is performed by spraying the sample onto the Sorbfil plate with compressed air while the syringe is reciprocating along the direction of the sample application. The application of samples in the form of narrow lines ensures the highest achievable resolution in thin-layer chromatography.

Vials of 2 ml (ø12×32 mm) with screw caps with a silicone gasket are used as sample containers.

Additional information

Technical features:

• size of the processed Sorbfil plates: max. 100×200 mm;
• syringe volume: 10 µl;
• length of the applied line: 0-180 mm;
• number of samples: 24;
• sample feed rate: from 5 μl/sec;
• temperature of the heating table: max. 120°C;
• volume of a chamber for flushing liquid: 50 cm3;
• voltage of electric current: 220 V;
• frequency of electric current: 50 Hz;
• power consumption: max. 50 W;
• compressed air pressure (nitrogen): 2 kg/cm2;
• compressed air (nitrogen) consumption: max. 5 l/min;
• dimensions: 520х320х420 mm;
• Weight: max. 13 kg.

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